Diandrea Ancrum-Murakami is an emerging American illustrator and aspiring manga (comic) artist who goes by the alias Koyuki Panda. She specializes in traditional illustrations, with Black women usually being the preferred subject.

Her work is inspired by the fantastical and ethereal worlds of anime and manga, the Black American experience, 80s/90s aesthetics and urban and illustrative sensibilities.

Her ultimate goal is to create relatable, lively and confident depictions of Black and Brown people, while integrating the nuances of Black, Japanese and anime/manga culture.

Diandrea is currently building her online brand, while freelancing and developing personal manga projects. She intends to continue to push herself in hopes of one day being able to create a printed manga series as well as own a personal studio in her hometown of the Bronx, NY.

Diandrea currently resides in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, NY with her husband Shinji, and their pet dog and cat: Yuki and Klaus.