Does getting an Etsy and shop IG mean possible international shipping??

Hey there everybody! 

I was looking through the stats on the site and you guys are so amazing! I’ve been seeing so many of you all heading over and looking through everything! I’m so grateful!  

Something else that I’ve noticed is that I’m having a lot of international peeps coming through—this is making me wonder if I should get international shipping done? 

I’m trying to break into the Japanese market specifically and opening an Etsy and instagram account for my shop to try to make it happen. With that said I should really look into shipping internationally lol I’d love to, not only break into the Japanese market, but be a brand that’s recognized multiple parts of the world! But...

Shipping internationally can be scary haha but I’d definitely like to try!  

You guys let me know what you think and I’ll try my best to oblige! And as always, thanks for your kindness, love and support!



Grand Opening: Welcome to my new website!

Hey hey everybody!

My new portfolio and shop website is FINALLY up! I’m so excited and so relieved to be done with the process haha! I’m loving the way it’s come out and hope you all do too! I’ll be uploading my blogs and any news or information here! 


Real quick: 


I just came from Zenkaikon this past weekend! It was a lot of work but tons of fun~


Thanks to all of you who supported me and appreciated my art—also to everyone who purchased commissions and kept me super busy—I really truly appreciate you. Til next year everybody!